Digital Lighthouse is an Entertainment & Media House specializing in technical and artistic innovative solutions designed for the Cultural and Creative Industry. The development of virtual reconstructions, together with the implementation of audio-visual contents and products, digital visual effects, graphic animations, software, and audio production applications, make it a reference point, today, at international level, in the fields of Cinema, TV, Broadcast, Video Production, Virtual Reality, Digital Heritage, Games & Apps, and Music. Created to push the boundaries of new frontiers of computer graphics and digital technologies, the company has implemented innovative techniques for the development of accurate virtual realities bound to revolutionize cultural and artistic production by combining tools, methodologies, and competences of engineering and ICT. The faithful digital reconstruction of sites of interest, landscapes, objects, and architecture is made possible thanks to high-resolution sensing with next-generation sensors and successive data processing based on a processing chain enhanced to guarantee the sustainability of costs and swift production time.

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